"Focus on what your clients value, not the value of what they own."
Alex Campbell,
Founder & CEO

The planning process is driven by three objectives:
   the need for financial
   the desire to leave a
     family legacy
   the wish to have a
     positive impact on
     society through a social
     capital legacy

Our planning process represents the integration of these three objectives.

Our Planning Process

Regardless of your current status in the planning process, we can help you achieve the results you seek. The Wealth Optimization Process (depicted above) is not a one-time event, but requires periodic refinements that reflect the natural changes in a client's life, from both a personal and financial perspective.

Your Financial House

Rubicon Financial Group has assisted clients in their financial planning needs for over fifteen years.

Rubicon brings together the two core disciplines of asset management - investment consulting and insurance planning - to ensure that financial plans are complete. Rubicon is also a key part of your professional consulting team, working in parallel with the efforts of your legal and accounting advisors.

We believe in long term relationships, where loyalty to its clients supersedes loyalty to any one product or provider.

Specialized Advice

Rubicon is committed to ensuring that every client has a complete financial plan, however individual needs solutions can be identified and addressed very quickly.

We will ensure that all urgent needs are met. These pressing concerns can be identified as:
   Strategic Asset Management
   Income and Insurance Protection
   Long Term Care
   Estate Planning
   Health Plans


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